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Evening Standard Magazine: Faking Bad (2013)

October 18, 2013:

Tom Hiddleston joined Richard Godwin for a romantic boat ride interview as a part of the run up to Thor: The Dark World. 

"So here we are, Tom Hiddleston and me, in a boat in the middle of the Serpentine as the sun sets on a lovely autumn evening. He is doing the rowing. ‘Shall we turn the boat around?’ the star of Thorand War Horse says as we reach the bridge. ‘I want to go downstream, show you how fast I can really go!’ It’s almost embarrassingly romantic. If this were a date, I’d probably make my move right about… now. He has already told me he is single. He pauses from rowing to dab a bead of sweat from his curls, the handsome bastard."

During the interview they talked about Tom's family, fears, and progression as an actor. You can read the full interview here but I highlighted some of the best passages below. 

 ‘I’ve got to be honest. Loki is the thing that has opened me up beyond audiences who come to the Donmar. I’ve had a riot playing him. If you’re going to be a god, you may as well be the god of mischief, right?’

‘This is going to sound really wanky, but because Kenneth Branagh and I are both such lovers of Shakespeare, we made Loki out of Shakespearean characters... we talked about King Lear, with its two brothers; we talked about Macbeth and his ambition; and we talked about Iago, the way he spins every situation for self-interest…’

Tom on whether he would ever direct: 'One day, yes, not now, I’m not sure I’m ready. But I don’t know if one ever is.’ 

‘I was always concerned about wasting time. I don’t ever want to look back and think: “Why wasn’t I doing something or making something?” I used to read obituaries obsessively. They always started with a birth date and maybe the county where the subject was raised — and then the life would start at 25. What happened to those 25 legitimate years of good living time?’

‘People are formed by love and loss. By family, friendship, grief and courage… and failure and heartbreak and fun and all the things that make life colourful and interesting. But the narratives that people then form out of all that colour and interests are always so neat. It’s all chaos.’

‘Most people are running towards what they want to be and running away from who they are. The narrower that gap, the happier you are. Does that make sense? My point is that no one wants to be judged for who they are.’

‘I’ve been blessed with an extraordinary education. I feel privileged and I know I’ve had an enormously pleasant life. But it also has its complexity. I’d love to round out the rosy picture with some shade that would give you some more detail, but it’s not my past. I feel like baring that in public would be ungracious. And anyway, we’re in the present. Look at what’s in front of you.’

For the piece, Tomo Brejc photographed Tom Hiddleston around London in places such as the Dorchester Hotel and Paul Mall Barbers. 

Berluti leather coat (£4,970), Acne Studios suit jacket (£500), Bottega Veneta cashmere sweater (£650). and Acne Studios suit trousers (£250). 

Dsquared shirt (£235), Prada kid mohair wool trousers (£445), and Mulberry leather belt (£195).

Bottega Veneta shirt (£405), Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch (£3,420)

Gucci jacket (£1,040), John Smedley Pembroke pullover (£120), and Hardy Amies Cambridge glasses (£270).

Here are some outtakes that unfortunately didn't make the final magazine edit. 

Here's a bts picture from the photoshoot. 

On set styling was done by Anish Patel with fashion assistant Jess Wright. Grooming was done by Amanda Grossman using Nip+Man


Evening Standard 
Tomo Brejc
Richard Godwin
Paul Mall Barbers 

Meet the Filmmaker: Thor The Dark World (2013)

October 18, 2013: 

Tom Hiddleston, Alan Taylor, and Kevin Feige visited the Apple Store on Regent's Street in London for a Meet the Filmmaker Q&A session. Meet the Filmmaker is an Apple podcast that brings you insights from stars, writers, directors,and producers. The event was hosted by Empire's Chris Hewitt. 

As always, I highlighted some of the best quotes. 

(3:00) Do you see Loki as a bad guy: I see Loki as an anti-hero. The great joy of playing him is inhabiting mischief as a shape or mood, to be so perpetually playful and to enjoy teasing. He's a character who leans into danger. He exists for chaos, to provoke it, to respond to it. But also it comes from a very broken heart. The two things are really fun to play.  

(9:40) Tom talking about the differences between Loki in Thor: The Dark World vs the other films: He's broken, entirely. There is a scene in the middle of the first film where a young man is informed that the narrative of his entire life is lie. That to me is a cornerstone of the entire characterization. It's the scene between Odin and Loki where he finds out he doesn't belong in that family. It's very emotional and it's the beginning of his isolation. From that moment all the way through to this moment he is a solitary figure existing entirely on his own metal, for his own ends. All of his villainy comes from a sense of having been betrayed, a jealousy, a pride and anger, a vengefulness... To me it was just so important to break him in a way, to take him all the way down. Because otherwise he would continue on the same trajectory. 

(15:00) Tom talks about auditioning to play Thor: I can't imagine that universe anymore (with his as Thor)... I was only ever Thor for a very short period of time and that was even before the character was clearly written on the page. I auditioned for Thor in an American accent. I put on twenty pounds (of muscle)... The truth is I just can't imagine it. Chris is the only Thor now. He's absolutely definitive. And I love playing Loki, I love it. I've never had an experience like it in my life. He's such a complex character. He's so fun to play. It's a stretch in a different direction.  

(22:40) Could you ever imagine that Loki would be more popular than Thor? No, it's all be completely beyond my wildest expectations. Truly. I still feel so grateful to people that find the character interesting. 

(26:30) What's a moment that's defined your life or changed it? Life is so random and it's only in retrospect that you can spot the moments that changed it. Life is a random sequence of events and you can only trace a linear meaning through it when you look back. You make the best choices you can in the moment... My sister was reading a book this morning which she texted me about, about the formation of the brain. It seems random but basically she was saying that the part of your brain which regulates emotion and learns discipline and basically locks down immaturity is at it's most active between 18 and 23. So she was saying is at that point most people are at University or College therefore University is neurologically formative. So I would say that getting into Cambridge University has changed my life. 

(28:14) A fan asks Tom to multiply 240 x 6. He actually manages it pretty well. 

(28:50) Which part of mythology is your Loki closest to? I was in Australia recently with the film and somebody wanted me to sign their copy of the Prose Edda in Icelandic, the very first of Loki's occurrence in popular consciousness. It something like Loki was the first deceiver, the shapeshifter, and the worst of all gods. 

Some bts pictures posted by Marvel UK. 

There's a fun moment where a fan gives Tom Thor Bear and Tom reads a pocket Othello novel to it.


Tom Hiddleston was wearing his charcoal, speckled suit first scene at the PBS TCA event


Marvel UK

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ACE Comic Con: Chicago (2018)

October 12-14, 2018:

*this will be updated throughout the weekend* 

Tom Hiddleston headlined another ACE Comic Con event, this time in Chicago. After unfortunately having to drop out of the Seattle event, Chris Evans joined Tom on the Marvel team along with Karen Gillan, Elizabeth Olsen, and Lee Pace! The rest of the guest list had a little bit for everyone with Doctor Who VIPs (Karen Gillan and Matt Smith) and WWE Wrestlers (Bella Twins, Seth Rollins, and Alexa Bliss).  

The Tom Hiddleston VIP packages sold for $585 with individual photo-ops or autographs available for $200 each. Tom's schedule was slightly lighter in Chicago than Seattle since there were less individual sessions sold. 

Day One: 

Obviously Tom Hiddleston is immune to jet-lag as he had back-to-back events in London and didn't arrive in Chicago until the day of. Tom was absolutely a gem (we don't deserve him) and took time to interact with each fan. He injured his thumb during the Pinter Gala so the ACE Staff advised us all that Tom wouldn't be able to do long inscriptions during the autograph sessions. It looked really painful in person and it must be agony for him to sign things all weekend so try to be understanding if you're there. 

Tom recreated that infamous ACE Seattle photo with Tom Holland in Chicago with ACE co-founder Stephen Shamus.

Here's my photo. I wanted a way to represent I Saw the Light (because Tom's role did not nearly get the respect it deserved) so I wore a hey, good lookin' shirt and brought my I Saw the Light crew hat along. We actually were able to chat for quite a bit during the photo and autograph session - probably too long sorry all the people behind me! 

As you may know, I created a book from all the beautiful messages that people have left on our Unicef UK fundraising page and gave it to Tom at ACE along with the Tom's Midgardian Army book. Tom seemed very appreciative of what everyone has done to support him and his causes! He also signed an extra copy of the book that will be very happy use in our next Unicef UK fundraiser raffle! 

Here is a video montage of Tom meeting fans during the photo-op session. 

Tom signing autographs. 

Day Two: 

Tom greeted Day 2 80s power ballad style - with open arms! 

Saturday was his busiest day of the Con with 16 different events on his schedule. Along with his solo VIPs, photo-ops, and autographs Tom Hiddleston also had group sessions with Karen Gillan, Elizabeth Olsen, and Karen Gillan. 

It was funny because the group photo op was supposed to start at 3:30 but Karen and Chris were stuck in the panel so Tom was standing around on the balcony watching so people would randomly start screaming for Tom in the middle of the panel. Ooooops. He probably enjoyed having a little bit of downtime. 

Avengers Assemble! There was another fun moment with co-founder Stephen Shamus. 

Here is our Saturday photo. ACE Comic Con happened to fall right in between me and the minion's birthdays so instead of throwing a party we decided to have our party there. I know I look about 12 in this picture but I promise that I am turning 30 this month! I admit that it was a little awkward to have them all sitting for the picture and felt weird to just walk in behind them. But there was also a sort of intimacy to it because you were pretty much whispering in each other's ears. It's probably for the best too because they are all so massively tall and we are both so mightily small lol.  They were all so very sweet, especially to the little man, and wished us both happy birthdays. He's gonna have that smile on his face for a very, very long time!

That's a wrap for Hiddlesfashion in Chicago! I won't be attending on Sunday because I have to be back home on Monday to continue immunotherapy treatment. It was such a magical, memorable experience that almost didn't happen because as sick as I've ever been on Friday morning. I'm happy that I was able to meet some of the other fans- I wish I could've met more of you but I wasn't feeling very well. Thank you so much to ACE for organizing the event. And a huge thank you to the stars for always going the extra mile and treating each interaction like the first time even though they've probably already met 5,000 people that day! 

Day Three: 

On the final day of ACE Comic Con Tom played moderator for The Trickster and the Witch panel with Elizabeth Olsen. Tom and Lizzie ask each other some really insightful questions and then they take audience questions. There's a really cute moment around 29:00 when a child asks Tom if Loki is really dead. The final question is from a fan asking about how they deal with anxiety and Tom gives an amazing answer: Know that you're not alone. Life isn't easy. It's not easy for anyone. We all have moments of doubt and feeling destabilized and uncertain. But actually that's the case for everyone. And if we just hold each other in the uncertainty then we'll get through it. So know that you're not alone and we're all in it together. 

Here's a video montage of Tom, Lizzie, and Chris Evans doing more group photos on Day 3. 

Also, I won a Scarlet Witch funko signed by Elizabeth Olsen in a contest ACE was running - thank you so much! 


Hey I 100% know what Tom Hiddleston was wearing - because he told me lol! In one of the most unreal moments of my life Tom actually gave me a little quiz on everything, even socks - a Hiddles Hiddlesfashion quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out Tom's new go-to sweater is actually not from Sunspel (curse you navy sweaters that all look the same and even designers can't tell you apart). Tom is wearing the Lundy Pullover from John Smedley ($250 for the Midnight blue color but other colors are discounted to $120). Tom previously wore a different style John Smedley pullover during the Kong: Skull Island promo tour. (Interesting tidbit, the last time I saw Tom in person he was wearing the JM Crowford and at ACE he was wearing the JM Lundy so John Smedley must be my lucky brand!) Beyond that Tom was wearing his Mykita Mylon Triton glasses ($609), Jbrand jeans ($270), and Kurt Geiger Frederick boots ($151).